Progressive Development Initiatives-Initiating Opportunities
Avail 50% Tax Exemption on all Donations u/s 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.


Skill Development : Partnering with Grace Training Unit, Malihabad we have trained car drivers,mobile phone technicians and computer operators.

Livelihood Training : Arranging certificates for all our skill development students from the ministry of HRD,which enables them to find jobs as skilled technicians in India and overseas.

Scholarships : Provide educational scholarships to 12 semi orphan students ranging from Nursery to class twelve.We have been supporting the education for a meritorious student who is studying Medicine and was to dropout due to financial inability to continue.

Interest free loan : Provided interest free loan to a P.hD. Student .

Employment Generation Projects in Pipeline

Rural–BPO : We have been desirous of setting up a Rural­BPO unit since 2007 for generating rural employment and also mitigating low grade migration

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Incubator(Project–RED –i):A program aimed at promoting small self sustaining ventures in production, marketing, finance and project management.

Water ATM’s : We are in conversation with many companies who are working in the space of providing low cost clean drinking water to urban cities .